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How to set-up Roll-Up Standee

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Setting up standee is a simple process. Just anyone alone can set it up. here I will show you step by step process to setup the banner standee.

  • First of all you will need to place the pull up aluminum banner on a flat surface. Then twist open the two feet from the bottom and flip it over.

  • Now you need to straighten out the three interconnected cross and align the ends together.

  • Using your one hand hold the rod vertically and insert inside the standing. Now with your other hand pull the banner out equally and hook it at the top of the standee.

  • There is a plastic cap available on the road which is designed with the slot to hold the banner.

  • Congratulations, you have your portable pull up banner ready to be displayed.

5 reasons to promote you are marketing activities through roll up standee

Now that we have seen how to set up aluminum roll up standee, let's look at all the reasons why it make sense to use roll up standee for all marketing activities and trade shows activities. This banners are also great to be placed in shops or showrooms.

Reason 1: Creativity

Roll up standees are available in a variety of sizes. decide that is most popularly used for a banner standee is 3 X 6 feet. When there is literally no constraint of size you can actually use all your creativity to make your brand name for company stand out. when you are busy crafting your creativity just keep in mind that your company's name should be bold and the logo should be big enough to stand out. This pull up banners flag of your company at any marketing activities

Reason 2: Portability

Once the banner are rolled they are just three feet long. They come with a carry bag in which you can conveniently place them. The carry bag not only protects the banners from any possible damages, but it also makes it easy to carry them. It is the convenience and portability why roll up standee have gained so much of popularity.

Reason 3: Re usability

Roll up banners are highly reusable. After the event you can easily roll them back in their aluminum base and place it in the carry bag. No such provision is available with other kind of display advertisement. There is one more thing, if you want to change the art work (marketing message) of the banner, this can also be done. You can easily remove the banner from the standee so that a fresh banner can be place in the standee.

Reason 4: Economics of banner

If you look at the productivity or return on investment, you can will know that the cost of owning a roll up standee is very reasonable. It's a one time investment and if you are using it carefully, they are going to last really long.

Reason 5: Easy to print

With just 3ft in width, they are very convenient to print. In fact for that matter any size that is well within the limits of 5mts, can be easily printed. Most roll up standee manufacturer in India and printers have printers that can print upto 5 meters easily. To print standee, a printer doesn't need to possess a large format printer. If suddenly you have to go for a marketing event for which you need the print to be done in few hours, go straight to any standee printers with all the art work and you are good in no time. You can easily store them. As I have just mentioned above, they come with their own carry case in which you can easily slip them after a marketing activity and take them with you wherever you go.


It is hard to pass by a shop with a roll-up standee outside and not to notice it. Its look very elegant. These are just perfect solution to grab attention of passers by. Flyers, banners, all are important, but there is a place for roll up banners that no marketing collateral can take.

How to setup Rollup Banner Standee or Stand
How To setup Rollup Banner Standee

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